July 2011, N7      

By Victor Volsky       

THE PARASITE AND THE HOST                           


Nature never ceases to amaze by its endless inventiveness. Take, for instance, the Mammoth wasp (Megascolia maculate), the largest European solitary wasp. Its method of perpetuating its species is sure to freeze the blood in the veins of any impressionable person. The female of the species searches for the larva of a dung beetle or rhinoceros beetle. Once the prey is spotted, the wasp paralyzes it with one venomous sting and then lays her egg on its outer skin. On hatching, the larva of the Mammoth wasp equipped with sharp hook-like jaws bites through the helpless host’s integument and proceeds to munch away on its soft tissues in a rigorously defined sequence, starting with the least vital organs, such as muscle, blood or fat, and leaving the crucial nervous system for dessert. By extending the life of the host as long as possible, the predator ensures for itself a supply of “live canned food” which stays fresh till the very end.

It’s a matter of conjecture how versed in biology were the leaders of militant Islam, but the plan of conquering the West they concocted a few decades ago mimicked very closely the Mammoth wasp’s strategy: to invade the prosperous North; entrench themselves among the indigenous population blissfully blind to the real intentions of their guests; paralyze its will to resist with the poison of political correctness and multiculturalism; and gnaw at the innards of the host societies, multiplying and feeding on their hosts until gaining total control of Europe.

According to the great Islamic scholar Bat Ye’or, the roots of the problem go back to an association called the Euro-Arab Dialogue created in July 1974 in Paris. The grand objective of the scheme was to meet the acute demand for cheap labor in the European Union countries whose pampered, sybaritic population would not touch dirty jobs with a ten-foot pole, while also creating a counterweight to the hated American monolith, and securing guaranteed oil supplies from the Middle East.

Hundreds of thousands of poor, unskilled immigrants from North Africa, Middle East and Asia, their multitudinous extended families in tow, flooded EC countries. Of course, the invaders had no inkling of the ultimate objectives of the project; they were just seeking economic opportunity. But throughout history the masses have never been consulted by their leaders who viewed the foot soldiers as so much cannon fodder. Assimilation of the newcomers American style was not on the agenda; it was assumed that the immigrants would live in isolated enclaves, out of sight and out of mind of the locals. For some unfathomable reason the European elites believed that all those Arabs, Turks, Kurds and Pakistanis would form a permanent proletarian class forever content with its lowly status. Such naiveté was all the more striking given that the Islamist leaders were in no way reticent about their true goals. Thus, in 1974, speaking at the UN, the paramount Algerian leader, Houari Boumedienne declared for the entire world to hear:

"One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere.
And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory."

How’s that for lack of ambiguity? That Boumedienne’s thunderous proclamation was ignored just goes to show the power of wishful thinking on the part of the self-deluded Westerners.

But while their hosts were muddled in their thinking, the Muslim leaders were anything but. They saw the gates of Europe thrown wide open before them as a long-awaited chance to turn the tables on the infidels, cherished by the Moslems ever since their expansion had been stopped cold at the walls of Vienna in 1683. Ever since, the West had lorded it over the world of Islam mired in backwardness and seething in impotent fury. But then the day came when the Western civilization, weakened by two terrible world wars, lost its nerve and gave the forces of Islam an opportunity to enter the enemy fortress and conquer it without a shot from within.

The principal cities of Western Europe sprouted Moslem colonies led by radical imams supplied in a steady stream by the Saudi and Pakistani madrassas. The immigrant enclaves isolated themselves from the host societies, acquiring all the trappings of independent quasi-states. They came to be dominated by the fundamentalist mores and customs; Sharia courts sprang up; Moslem leaders gradually trained the authorities to treat the virtual autonomy of their immigrant subjects as an unavoidable fact of life. Generational change failed to housebreak the Moslem, as naïve Western politicians and intellectual had hoped. On the contrary, each subsequent generation of Moslems turned more and more radical; drifted father and father away from their “infidel” neighbors; and increasingly viewed their native countries as conquered lands at the mercy of the triumphant victors.

A typical example is Albaicin, the historical quarter of the Spanish city of Granada. The Moslems who have settled down there are convinced that since they have seized control of Albaicin, they will be able to seize control of the whole city and in time of the entire El Andalus, the crown jewel of the Medieval Caliphate. Here is how the late Oriana Fallaci, a famous Italian journalist and an intrepid and passionate defender of the European civilization, described their tactic in her book “The Force of Reason”:

“In Granada they created a situation similar to the one which at the time was engulfing Beirut and which now is engulfing so many cities of France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, etcetera. Ergo, today the quarter of Albaicin is in every sense a State within a State.
An Islamic feud, an apostatic domain, which lives with its own laws. Its own institutions, its own hospital, its own cemeteries. Its own abattoir, its own newspaper: La Hora del Islam. Its own publishers, its own libraries, its own schools. Schools that exclusively teach how to memorize the Koran. And its own shops, of course. Its own markets, its own banks. Even its own currency, given that in Albaicin all is bought and sold with the gold and silver coins struck on the model of the dirham in use at the time of Boabdil Lord of old Granada. (Money coined in Calle San Gregorio that for the usual reasons of «public order» the Spanish Ministry of Finance pretends to know nothing about).”

The Islamist colonizers relentlessly strengthen their positions, playing on the Western society’s feeling of guilt assiduously fanned by the progressive media. Using salami tactics, the Moslems demand and receive special treatment. Swimming pools in London accommodate Muslim sensibilities in bathing attire. Schools serve halal food. Prison guards have been forbidden to wear St. George’s Cross because it supposedly offends Muslims prisoners sensitive about the Crusades. Muslims have flatly called for Sharia or Islamic law in Britain. The Archbishop of Canterbury has said some form of Sharia law there is “unavoidable.”

This internal expansion proceeds practically unopposed. The Islamists brook no criticism and, eagerly aided and abetted by the politically correct indigenous elites, effectively gag the few brave Cassandras warning of the creeping danger. Their favorite tactic is to assume the pose of victimhood and stridently complain of discrimination – the dreaded, all-purpose accusation which they wield as a burglar his jimmy. No sooner does yet another in a long series of Islamic terrorist attacks occurs than Moslem organizations in the West raise hue and cry about the growing danger of “Islamophobia” and the media darkly warn against an “overreaction.” Major Nidal, screaming “Allah Akbar”, shoots up Fort Hood, killing 13, and the Army Chief of Staff reacts by expressing alarm about how the attack might affect his “diversity” program.

To add insult to injury, a large proportion of Moslems and almost all their leaders parasitize on the societies they openly despise. In their eyes, to exploit one’s victim, to live off its largess is yet another privilege of the conqueror. According to tradition, Genghis Khan said:

“The greatest joy a man can know is to conquer his enemies and drive them before him, to ride their horses and take away their possessions, to see the faces of those who were dear to them bedewed with tears, and to clasp their wives and daughters in his arms!”

How wonderful it is to revel in the knowledge of one’s power and impunity, how sweet to watch the humiliation of the helpless enemy!

H.G. Wells, with his extraordinary prophetic gift, foresaw the coming demise of the Western civilization. In his prophetic book “The Time Machine” (1895) he describes a future society with an upper class, the Eloi, thoughtless, child-like people who live in palaces and spend their time in pursuit of pleasure, and the grim proletarian Morlocks, who live underground and serve the aristocracy. But it transpires that the Eloi’s easy life is an illusion. They are merely food on the hoof for the Morlocks who, while ostensibly serving their betters, actually fatten them for the slaughter.

Today’s reality confirms the British writer’s terrible vision. While feeding on the host, the parasite is relentlessly driving for supremacy in Western Europe. The Moslem communities are rapidly multiplying through a high birth rate and a constant inflow of new immigrants. They are highly motivated by vicious envy and all-consuming hatred fed by religious zeal, while the indolent, listless Europeans, having lost their will to live, are sliding ever closer to the edge of the abyss.

As the demographic weight of the Moslem communities in Europe increases, so does their political influence. And pretty soon the time will come for the finale of the drama. The parasite will attack the nervous system of the host – its political institutions. The agony will not last long. The Green Banner of the Prophet will be hoisted over Europe and a new caliphate will rise on its ruins. The great civilization, that has given the world Shakespeare and Goethe, Beethoven and Mozart, Leonardo and Rembrandt, Newton and Einstein, will be no more.


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